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This high-pressure Honda Gx water spray machine is powered by gasoline, gas from plastic or biogas waste. Has various functions:

1. spraying disinfectant / sanitizing the area

2. agricultural fertilization

3. administration of garden pesticides

4. engines in washing services of motorcycles and cars

ADVANTAGES of Honda GX Water Spray:

1. economical and affordable price
2. strong and stubborn spray
3. saving water because it is equipped with a circulated water system where the unused water is circulated again to the reservoir so that it does not waste a lot of water
4. how to use a very simple can be done by anyone
5. without using a compressor
6. immediately run when enggine drive is on
7. Light and easy to move
8. Easy and affordable maintenance, only periodic lubricant replacement

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Power Sprayer Honda Gx

  • Rp.5,950,000,-

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