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Environmental problems caused by plastic waste are well known, aside from the potential to be micro plastic, it is also difficult and long to decompose by natural processes. Now, the generation of electricity from gas and oil, the results of pyrolysis reactors using induction (electromagnetic), overcome them.

RPP PL 50 KWh destroys all types of waste and plastic waste (PP, HDPE, PS, PP), such as plastic bags, plastic bags, packaging of various foods and beverages and the like quickly. Environmentally friendly, without combustion and free of emissions, produces benefits in the form of gas with a high heating value of 1209.25 BTU / ft3 (BBKK, 2019) in the form of hydrogen, methane, ethane and propane. The gas produced by the pyrolysis process is channeled directly to the 5 KW diesel generator, contributing 50-70% of electricity generation energy.

Suitable to be installed in the commercial area of ​​factories, industrial estates, housing, plastic industries producing waste residual production, even in the middle of the crowd that is a source of plastic waste generation (malls, schools, markets) as well as tourist destinations (beaches, attractions) as well as river mouths. PLP 50 Kwh RPP can also be used as a teaching aid for vocational high school (SMK) Renewable Energy Engineering and learning for biomass and environmental management.

Electricity generated from diesel (diesel) generators with the addition of pyrolysis and hydrogen (H2) gas fuel in the combustion chamber (mix fuel hybrid with hydrogen HHO) can be used directly for the fulfillment of various engine and lighting dynamos or stored in batteries / batteries (Off grid).

In addition to off grid, for the benefit of reducing electricity token costs, the on grid inverter is entered into the PLN electricity grid in your home, office and building.


1. Pyrolysis tube (PLT dia = 290 mm, T = 600 mm, stainless, complete with condenser),

2. The panel contains 2 KW and HHO electromagnetic inductor

3. Electric generator (1 Phase / 3 phase, 5 KW) hybrid

4. MPH 2 T hydraulic press machine


With pyrolysis techniques using electromagnetic induction, plastic waste that has been compressed by a hydraulic press will experience thermal catalyst cracking turned into a gas phase (C1-C4). Gas becomes 50-70% fuel for hybrid electric generators (mix fuel hydrogen, gas and oil).

RPP PL 50 Kwh has the capacity to eradicate all types of plastic waste from 5 to 10 kg / batch (depending on type) for 3-5 hours. The resultant thermal gas will run the generator for 3 to 5 hours. With 4-6 times the process per day will have the capacity to destroy 20-30 KG PLASTIC WASTE per day to produce 50 KWh ELECTRICAL ENERGY.


1. How to get rid of plastic waste practically, quickly and environmentally friendly.

2. Generate electricity so it saves fuel. Fuel consumption of 5 KW diesel generators will be reduced by 50-70%.

3. Small land requirements, can be installed in areas near the crowd

Pyrolysis method in processing plastic waste gives advantages because it operates without the need for air, carried out in a closed system so that no pollutants are released and do not require high pressure. The method also allows pollutants and impurities to be concentrated as solid residues.


1. Collect worthless plastic waste in a hydraulic hooper press, from 5-10 sacks of 10-15 liters each (150 liter volume) will be shortened to a 60 liter volume

2. Enter into the pyrolysis reactor, close tightly by locking the handle

3. After connecting to the power source, turn on the power on the induction panel

4. Turn on the diesel generator power generator (which has been equipped with HHO) hybrid until the pyrolysis gas output runs out


Consumption of diesel for a generator set or generator set of 5 KW per hour:

k = 0.21 (determination factor of solar consumption per kilowatt per hour)

P = Genset Power (KVA = KiloVoltAmpere)

t = time (hour)

Formula: 0.21 x P x t, in this generator set 5 KW ~ 1.05 liters becomes 0.3 x 1.05 liters = 0.315 liters / hour *)

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RPP PL Pyrolysis Plastic Reactor Power Plant

  • Rp.99,950,000,-

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