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In increasing economic efficiency and technical accuracy, activities to convert plastic waste that is of no economic value (packaging, plastic, and plastic waste that has no market in the recycling industry) into fuel oil (bio or heavy oil) use the pyrolysis process with (heat) the results of heating gasification of dry waste (wood, cloth, and various other dry wastes), introducing waste treatment and waste automation.

 The method used to control the gasification and pyrolysis process is a Proportional - Integral - Derivative controller. The advantage is a system that makes decisions faster. In this description, the hand adjustment method is used as a determinant of PID parameters. In this plastic and dry waste treatment system using a PT 1000 temperature sensor (° C)

This control system starts when the gasifier temperature reaches 700 ° C with detection by sensor 1 PT1000 ° C after the Gasifier GS 100 is turned on by the burner lighter (series 304 has a flame temperature of up to 500 ° Celsius), then the temperature of the sensor contained in the pyrolysis reactor will provide order for the gasification reactor electrical system.

The PID issues a controlled signal to run the AFR regulating blower (ratio of air to fuel). At that time also carried out filling of dry biomass intake (wood, broken cloth, twigs and other dry wastes). The motor dynamo starts to drive the driving piston material BBI (refueling) into the reactor.

The pyroliser temperature control system starts when the temperature reaches 300 ° C by detection by sensor 2 PT1000 ° C and then PID issues a controlled signal on the motor dynamo that runs to fill plastic waste (chopped, clean). Dynamo motors start moving material conveyors to the pyrolysis reactor

Pyrolysis temperature is maintained so that it can remain in the range of 300-400 ° C

This automation will be compatible for further interest in running Industrial 4.0 systems

The PID sends data to the computer console, for further storage and processing. Data processing results can be connected to the internet to then be able to access smart phones (**)

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Plastic Waste Pyrolysis Automation Control System PT 1000

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