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Biodigester Waste Digestor 1000 L KPS is the smallest capacity organic waste reactor tube (1000 liters) but has begun to be effective and provides benefits to domestic waste managers at the source of the emergence into stoves, vegetables, rice and biogas fuel. Biodigester Waste Digestor 1000 KPS is a solution for managing organic type of domestic waste such as cooking and food leftovers (15 households / one RT, restaurant, F / B hotel, catering business, culinary business, factory canteen, food court in malls, private offices and government, food centers, rest areas and tourist areas and shopping centers). Have a conversion capacity of 25 kg of organic waste or the equivalent of 50 to 75 liters (composition of waste porridge with water) per day.

Biodigester Configuration of Waste Digestion 1000 KPS consists of:

- 1 unit of Portable Probiotic Pool (KPP) complete with circulation pump and 1 booster cartridge probiotic plankton growers with 12 packs GP1 decomposer activator can be used as a medium for live fish (catfish) for at least 200 birds / cycle 3 months or 1200 heads / year

- 1 unit of Biogas Digester BD 1000 L, complete with 5 packs of GP7 methane gas generator activator enough for energy generation forever, 1 set of MP 1270 biogas purification and 1 unit of FMM 1200 ML waste counter, capable of producing 1 m3 biogas ~ SETARA with combustion energy 1/2 kg of LPG to fulfill the needs of a family / day of cooking throughout the year

- 1 set of aquatic plants vertikultur pot set, complete circulation pump, capable of providing 150 clumps of vegetables / month ~ 1800 clumps of organic vegetables / year

- 900 Polibeg Rice become the following portable rice fields 1 (one) box of fertilizer tablets  for 1 year fertilizer, produces at least 135 kg GKP / 3 month cycle equivalent to 540 kg GKP / year or 351 kg rice / year

Completion makes rice to rice, not included in the package, rice mill (manual) can be selected


Trash crusher FMM 1200 ML is installed on a stainless sink with dimensions of equivalent PLT (500 x 460x 195) mm with a capacity of 1200 ml or annihilating grinder 75 kg / day, speed (RPM) RPM? r / m: 1420, Voltage 220, power 560 watts, smoothing to 3 mm, weight 6.5 kg with a stainless cutter head very strong. FMM Crusher 1200 ml is connected to a portable probiotic pond (1000 L KPP) made of a 1000 liter tank equipped with natural feed inlet or plankton bacterial cartridge 12 packs of Green Phoskko GP 1 decomposer activator, PLT dimension (1 x 1 x 1, 2) m has a water storage capacity of 1 m3, equipped with oxygen aerators.

Furthermore, the FMM 1200 ml counter was also connected to the Biogas digester BD 1000L made from HDPE plastic material, thickness of 3-5 mm, equipped with aluminum reinforcement frame and biogas purification tube into biomethane RNG, 1 m3 gas holder and installation equipment (fiber hose, valve , water trap, PVC pipe) to 1 stove. The number of digester units can be added to be interconnected so that the number of units is unlimited, adjusted to the financial plan and the management target and the availability of raw materials for waste.
Waste digesting biodigester, especially food waste machine converter, is effective and useful:

    Download (download) videos,

1. to be a storage place for consumption fish and fresh (live) vegetables instead of refrigerators because there are verticultural pots and ponds to keep fish fresh without electricity costs. Vegetables in pots and fish stored in ponds increase in size or the weight of scales rises,

2. becoming a conversion tool for the destruction of food waste into stoves (biogas)

3. can be a means for fish and aquatic vegetable side businesses without risk of loss because suffocated fish and wilted vegetables can be cooked,

 4. to become a conversion tool to destroy food waste. Types of carnivorous fish (eg catfish clarias) eat almost all the rest of the dishes (fish, chicken and meat) while, omnivorous fish (gurame, tilapia, mas) eat the remaining cooking vegetables

5. presents a more fresh courtyard atmosphere but still hygienic. Cartridge booster is a medium for filling activator of probiotic bacteria to resist the rate of nitrification (anaerobic process) which causes the smell of ponds and water

6. cut off the food chain from the trash bin eaten by mice, cockroaches and pests are diverted into additional food for fish (catfish) and biogas slurry

7. give the acquisition of solid and liquid compost to support the acquisition of rice for the fulfillment of rice consumption.


With a system of manufacturing components of 300 units of digester per batch / day, for delivery between cities, between islands and abroad (export), for ease of handling / transportation and installation (optional by our technicians) at the destination, a minimum order of 12 is required Fuso units / trucks, 16 units per FCL (Full Container Load) 20 "or 32 units per FCL (Full Con

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Waste Digesters KPS 1000 L

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