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A continuous filling composter every day functions as a digester of waste in a narrow area of ​​5 m2, a capacity of 50 to 100 kg of leftover solid waste and cooking (equivalent to 100-200 liters / day of liquid waste). Effective and provides benefits to the management of domestic waste at the source of the emergence of the media for planting fish, vegetables and other plants.

Composter Pencerna Garbage 1000 L KPS is a solution by solving the problem of organic waste from 40-50 houses / families or 1 restaurant, restaurant, hotel, factory canteen, office or other culinary efforts continuously every day. For domestic waste management (household , restaurant, F / B hotel, catering business, culinary business, factory canteen, food court at the mall, food center rest area and tourist area and shopping center). The 1000 L KPS installation also supports government project sponsors, fish and vegetable cultivation enthusiasts (aquatic) and stakeholders related to environmental conservation through urban farming (urban farming), improved sanitation by carrying out waste disposal at the source of their generation.


The configuration of the 1000 L KPS composter consists of:

- 1 unit of Portable Probiotic Pool (KPP) complete with circulation pump and 1 probiotic booster cartridge that grows plankton can become a medium of live fish (catfish) for at least 200 birds / 3 month cycle

- 1 unit of garbage digester composter (KPS) is equipped with 1 unit of trash counter FMM 1200 ML,

- 1 set of aquatic hydroponic / verticulture pots, complete circulation pump, capable of providing 150 clumps of organic vegetables / month

Garbage crusher FMM 1200 ML is installed in a stainless sink with equivalent PLT dimensions (500 x 460x 195) mm with a capacity to accommodate 1200 ml grinder or destroy 100 kg / day, RPM speed (RPM)? r / m: 1420, Voltage 220, power 560 watts, smoothing up to 3 mm, weighing 6.5 kg, free from the need to carry out dynamo motor maintenance, with a very strong stainless head cutter.

1200 ml FMM crusher is connected to a portable probiotic pool (KPP 1000 L) made of 1000 liter tank equipped with cartridge (inlet activator) natural feed growth bacteria or plankton, with PLT dimensions (1 x 1x 1,2) m has a water storage capacity of 1 m3 , equipped with aerator. KPP 1000 L pool units can be added to be scalable.

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Food Waste Converter KPS 1000 L

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