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Bio Electrical Installations 3-3000L shelter consists of 3 units 3000-liter digester, 1 thrasher MPO 500 HD (Elektrik 3 HP/ Honda), 3 MP 12 135 biogas purification unit (PVC), 1 set of gas holder capacity of 3 m3, 1 BG 1 KVA generator unit or 1000 Watt (biogas power generator 1000 watts), activator methane bacteria GP-7 for 1 month (30 Pack) and equipment installation to the stove and generator units.

Installation shelter BD 3-3000 L is capable of treating waste biomass or organic waste for the first time 9 m3 (equivalent to 3 tons) and the next day 1.8 m3 or 0.54 tonnes / day.

Each day, the output shelter Installation BD 3000 L produces biogas with a purity of> 80% methane (CH4) as much as 16.2 m3 which has high calorific power of the flame and as a cooking stove to equal 7, 45 kg of LPG, or fuel gas can turn 1 unit 1000 watt generator as 19.44 kWh (kilo watt hour).

In order for biogas as a renewable energy can be utilized by the wider community, biomethan or after purified biogas is packaged in a pressurized tube that is more compact, it can be sold at retailers and brought to the public as well as LPG.

For the sake of it, Shelter Installation BD 3-3000 L can be used as a Biogas Fuel Filling Stations (SPBBG).

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Bio Electrical Installation Shelter BD 3-3000L

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