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Integrated Disposal Waste Processing Site (ME 5.45 T] is a commercial scale modern inorganic and organic plastic waste treatment technique with all purified biogas fueled engines (biomethane Renewable Natural Gas) and fuel oil from plastic waste. Without the need for external energy intake, such as in general, a TPST uses PLN electricity and fuel oil / fuel. Installation can be built in any location, near the target of the generation of organic waste, plastic or dry waste (biomass).

The categories of waste from dry biomass groups include fabrics, paper, wood and derivatives, and the like. The types of plastic waste include PP, HDPE, PE, PS and organic types (food waste, leaves, vegetables, fruit and all types of waste derived from living things). The configuration of the Biophos_kkoGas (Biodigester-Piroliser-Composter-Gasifier) ‚Äč‚Äčtechnology tool is compiled and can be adjusted to the targeted location conditions.

TPST Independent Energy ME 5.45 T consists of a package of processing machines and waste disposal and organic biomass capacity of 3.13 tons / day and dry waste processing equipment capacity of 2.23 tons / day and 100 kg of plastic waste / day.


Independent Energy TPST 5.45 T consists of 1 waste sorting conveyor [Biogas Fuel], 1 unit MPLP 3000 L plastic washing machine (biogas fuel), 2 units Hidrolix 12 T Press Release, 1 MPO 500 chopper unit ( Biogas Fuel), 1 sieving unit MPK 115 (Biogas Fuel) capacity of 1 ton / day and 5 units of Rotary Kiln RKE 2000L (Biogas Fuel).

Included in the TPST ME 5.45 package are GS Gasifier 100 Plastic Pyrolysis Reactor, Bioelectric installation 5 BD 9000 L with 1 biogas purification unit MP 24150 (stainless steel), 1 digestion pump unit (grinder pumps), 1 mud pump for circulation subtract biogas, 1 unit of 5 KVA generator (biogas fuel) and installation equipment to produce biomethane RNG (Renewable Natural Gas) quality. A 9 m3 digester with an output of at least 45 m3 biomethan RNG, has high calories as fuel equivalent to 22.5 kg of LPG, or gas fuel can run 1 unit of generator 5 KVA (35,000 watts and 1 unit of 10,000 Watt Genset)

Energy independent, without the need for electricity (PLN) or BBM. The energy generation system is met by impermeable biogas reactors (non-oxygen) by biodigesters and fuel oil from plastic decomposition in the pyrolysis reactor,

 Environmentally friendly, according to laws and regulations that require sorting. Each type of waste (plastic, dry biomass, organic) is processed for conversion based on its character, emissions output is below the threshold required by applicable laws,

Solid, compact, all-automatic configuration using a control system. Rapidly converting organic waste into biogas and compost on a daily basis (continuous filling or per batch), destroying dry biomass and plastic on a daily basis with the Gas50 Piroliser GS50, with the need for land area for a capacity of 2 tons / day starting at 40 m2.

 Providing business opportunities for cleaning services with return on investment in the range of 4 to 8 years, depending on the character of disaggregated waste, location and the amount of service (tiping fee) that is agreed with the waste collector

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Integrated Waste Procesing [ ME 5.45 T Biogas Fuels ]

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