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  • Mini Air Compressor MCV 102

The MCV102 Mini compressor is a special biogas booster pump from a digester reactor to the stove. Specifications of Mini MCV102 Pump / Compressor Type: Single Cylinder Piston Compressor, Power: 1/5 HP, Voltage: 220, Maximum pressure: 7 bar, Air Expenditure per minute: 23 L / min, Net weight: 4.0 kg, Dimensions: 343 x 158 x 245 mm, 1.5 m electric cable

Pure biogas is a gas produced by fermentation of biomass and organic waste with a composition of methan (CH4) above 70%, free of impurity gases such as H2S, NH2 ammonia.

Specifications Mini Air Compressor MCV 102

Power : 1/5 HP ( 150 Watts ) | Voltage : 220V / 50 Hz | Max. Speed : 1450 RPM | Air Delivery : 23 L/min | Vacuum Pressure : 85 kPa | Max. Pressure : 7 barr​

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Mini Air Compressor MCV 102

  • Product Code: MCV-102
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  • Rp.1,750,000,-

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