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The increasingly limited bamboo as a material of wicker furniture and other home appliances, especially seen from the importance of preserving bamboo as a conservation plant on sloping land, introduced a substitute material for woven from strap wire rope.

Waste Strapping Band in the area of South Bandung textile industry center is very much. Indeed many types, but the PET strapping band this one this type of string more thick, strong and more sturdy can last up to 10 years. In terms of price is a bit expensive but the quality of strength and robustness no doubt.

Based on that, with this presented a variety of tools made of straping band material that can replace segela purposes such as garbage boxes, trash cans, composter composters, basket clothes, potted plants and various other containers.

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PET Strapping Upcycle Trash Can

  • Product Code: PET Strapping
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  • Rp.129,000,-

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