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Bio Electrical Installation 3000L consists of 1 unit 3000 liter digester, 1 unit biogas purification, (methane purifier) MP 12 135 (PVC), capacity of 3 m3 gas holder, 1 unit BG 1000 w generator (genset 1000 watt power biogas), bacterial methane activators GP-7 for 1 month, equipment installation and Mini Compressor stoves and generators.

Bio Electrical Installation BD 3000L capable of treating waste biomass or organic waste for the first time 3 m3 (equivalent weight of 0.9 tonnes) and the next day of 0.6 m3 or 0.18 ton/day.

Every day , Installation BD 3000 L produce biogas at purity > 80 % methane ( CH4 ) as much as 4.5 to 7 m3 which has power and high calorie burning as an ingredient for cooking stoves is equivalent to 2.48 kg of LPG , or fuel gas 1 unit can be turned on as much as 1000 watts generator 6.48 KWH ( kilo watt hour ) . For customers who are concerned with the quality and productivity of biogas digester reactor mendigesti fibrous material ( garbage , biomass other than manure ) ,

special order basis ( customized ) , can be equipped with :

  1. Pump rodent substrate ( Chopper pumps ) placed before the inlet income outside material into the reactor .
  2. Handy pump ensures the material is available in a small size and shape of the slurry , Vacuum pump mud ( submersible pumps ) to ensure mixing , homogeneity and discharge sludge ( slurry ) do not form precipitation ,
  3. Heater installation ( CHP ) in the form of heat from the water diverter pipe radiator exhaust air from the generator and the generator and water heater water sources , as well as
  4. Kit PH meter sensor ( conductivity meter ) and temperature ( temperature ) in order to provide information on the condition of mud ( slurry ) is always in a state conducive to the workings of bacterial methagenesis ( * )

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Bio Electric Installation BD 3000L

  • Brands Biophos_KoGas
  • Product Code: CKD Complete
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  • Rp.32,950,000,-

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