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Biogas Electric installation equipment is needed to distribute biogas so that it can be used as fuel for biogas generator into electricity.


The biogas installation equipment package to turn on the generator set consists of a hose, a pressure gauge, a hose clamp, a water trap, a ball valve, and a pipe joiners along with a storage of biogas (a gas holder), a water trap and cooking utensils (including frying food ) in the form of a
PC Electric Pot Cooker 6-1.

Pipes and hoses are used to carry biogas. Pressure gauge serves as a biogas pressure gauge so that it can be seen that biogas can already be used as fuel. Meanwhile, the water trap functions as an H2O trap contained in biogas so that the water content in the gas to be used as fuel can be reduced.

Measuring pressure, ensuring gas channels do not leak, trapping water to avoid damage to electrical devices that use biogas fuels and improving the quality of gas free of water content, etc. is very important to use quality standard equipment.

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Biogas Electrical Installation Equipment

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