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Facing the smart grid energy era, which is an intelligent electricity network that is able to integrate the actions or activities of all users, starting from the generator to the consumers so that it is efficient, sustainable, economical and supply of safe electricity. 1 KW.

Hybrid Power Storage Specifications (PDL) On Grid 1 KW

This 1.2 KW PDL consists of 1 inverter unit on Grid Tie Micro 1000 W, a series of 4 units of battery battery 100 Amp x 12 Volt, IC rectifier to DC, storage rack, KWH meter energy (Export Exim Net Reverse Power) and cable installation, clam, jemper.

Grid-Tie Micro Inverter is a 1000 watt on-grid inverter to convert DC electricity generated by a power plant (generator, solar cell, wind, hydro) to 220V AC electricity. Because pure sine waves are generated in sync with PLN's grid voltage, the output from Grid Tie Micro Inverters can be directly injected or inserted into the PLN network.

Because it was injected after the PLN meter, electricity generated by the generator (generator, alternator bicycle, pico hydro, wind) through a micro tie inverter, then the effort to reduce the cost of PLN tokens was not "electricity stealing".

This generator or electricity provider synchronized with PDL can be sourced from:

1. mono and poly solar panels that are widely circulating in the market,

2. generator sets (biogas fuel, gasoline, diesel, natural gas)

3. electricity from alternator bikes, hydropower (pico hydro) and wind

The benefits and functions of the 1 KW Grid Power Saver (PDL) are:

1. increase the installed electrical power by 1000 W

2. injection into the electricity network in the building, home, after the PLN meter, will save electricity tokens,

3. equipped with rectifiers can be electricity storage (power bank) produced from generators (biogas, gas and alternator bicycle), solar energy (solar cell), hydropower and wind

4. silent generator as a back up power when the power source (PLN, generator, alternator) is off (Uninterruptible power supply / UPS)

The 1 KW electric power storage (PDL) series is used for all purposes of turning on lights, computers, TVs, cooling air conditioners, water heaters, electric stoves (induction), washing machines and various other electrical appliances.

This circuit consists of two blocks, rectifiers that function the charger to fill 4 12 Volt battery units and, both inverter circuits that function as current and voltage boosters so that they can issue 1000 watts of power. When the 4 12 Volt batteries are fully charged, the charging will automatically stop because there is a relay on the charger circuit.

The function of back up power (UPS) is when there is no contact with the power source (generator set, PLN), and our tool is ON right, the inverter will operate so that it can produce power output stored in the battery battery reaching 4,800 watt hours (4 , 8 KWH).

With a 1 KW PDL, the generation of electrical energy from biogas fuel comes from garbage and biomass and electricity from the speda alternator (berco), both in cities and in remote and rural locations, can be obtained even though there is no supply of fuel oil (BBM) or PLN (*)
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Electricity Storage (PDL) 1 KW Inverter Grid

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