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Biogas BioDigester BD 1000L or Home Biogas BD 1000 L is simultaneously generating waste destruction converter for cooking activities. Every day, under ideal conditions, produce 1 m3 of biogas, 50 liters of sludge probiotics and 10 kg of solid compost. Acquisition of 1 m3 of biogas has energy equal to 1/2 kg LPG combustion, energy sufficient family cook 1 day. While 50 liters of sludge probiotics, after being mixed with water 20 times (be 1m3) fish grow natural food (plankton), be content enrichment probiotics for 90 m3 fish pond (per cycle 3 months) for portable pools.

Sludge leftover fish growing medium, furthermore, can be used as a medium of live aquatic plants (hydroponics) vegetables. Besides use at home, digester BD 1000 L can also be used for the provision of logistics move (camping, generation of energy in order to survival in the forest and inland) as well as educational aids in schools.

BioDigester BD 1000 L consists of:

1. one (1) reactor made of HDPE plastic IBC tank capacity 1000 liters, has the dimension (length 1 m, width 1 m, height 1 m) thickness of 3-5 mm, equipped with aluminum frame reinforcement, can last up to over 3 years , Valve 50 mM (2 Inch), Filling Open 150 mm, equipped with stand feet (Palate) from Plastic Composite. Strong designed for pressures up to 3 bar (45 psi), while biogas in general only 3 psi pressure.

2. one (1) unit of Destroyer Waste Food FMM 1200 ML crush all remaining food and cooking activities include, among others, a small chicken bone, cartilage, meat offal, fish spines, leftover rice, leftover food rind and all kinds of vegetables will be destroyed. FMM garbage enumerator ML 1200 is mounted on a zinc (sink) PLT dimensionless equivalent steel (500 x 460x 195) mm, has a capacity of 1200 ml capacity grinder, speed (RPM) r / m: 1420, Voltage 220, 560 watts of power, the ability to soften up to 3 mm, so the leftovers can be directly millstones until smooth and creamy, very safe and secure from
clogging the plumbing kitchen. Use of garbage crusher grinder machine only works 30 minutes / day, or consume electricity 1/2 KWH / day,.

3. one (1) unit of purification tube biogas (methane Purifier MP 1270) in order to raise the quality biometan RNG biogas (CH4 composition> 70%)

4. one (1) 20 815 CPM balloon gas holder PVC Poly (vinyl chloride) of 0.17 mm thickness, dimension (length = 200 cm, diameter = 80 cm) has a capacity of 1.5 m3 capacity,

5. The installation equipment (slang fiber, valve, water trap, PVC pipe, pressure gauge / manometer scale KKPA 0-16) to the stove 1 furnace.

6. bacterial activator for biogas generation in a material not derived from animal manure as much as 5 Pack GP7 @ 250 grams, for a starter the first month. The next month, growing bacterial population multiply.

7. The two (2) pieces of drum capacity of 120 liters is used first for probiotics and sludge reservoir, 1 piece into a model fish pond

Digester capacity of 1000 L or 1 m3 of material inputs daily needs 50 kg pulp trash or biomass (after the addition of 50% water). Fermented waste and biomass (including food scraps, lawn, livestock manure and various other plant remains) in BD 1000L equipped purification (purification) is methane (CH4), CO2 (carbon dioxide), very few N2, H2, O2 and H2S). Biogas after missed purification is methane (CH4) is classified as renewable energy, Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). Biometan RNG with CH4 content of> 70% is combustible (flammable) but does not have explosive properties, free from fears of an explosion. In contrast to LPG, which consists of propane and buthana nature.

In the fulfillment of a mixture of water and slurry material or waste biomass of 50 kg / day, the fineness of the material subtract <3 mm, pH ~ 7 (neutral), the temperature in the range of 35 degrees C, Installation BD 1000 L produce biogas in purity> 70% methane (CH4) as much as 1 m3 which has power and high calorie burning as a stove for cooking equivalent of 1/2 to 1 kg of LPG or equivalent to the cooking needs of a family every day. Installation of biogas power generation is effectively used in the kitchen, as close as possible to where to place the stove and sink.

Installed and mobilized easily, very suitable to be used as props school education especially environmental subjects, biology, physics, chemistry, and family welfare (*)

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Home Biogas BD 1000 L

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