Integrated Waste Processing Site [TPST]

Integrated Waste Processing Site [TPST]

Conversion of waste material, waste and biomass into new products that are economically, socially and environmentally beneficial are offered in a variety of technologies (multi-technology) and multi-scale. PT Cipta Visi Sinar Kencana's long experience since 2004, has led to the conclusion that Biodigester, Piroliser, Composter, Gasifier [BiophoskkoGas] with various configurations provide evidence for effectiveness and efficiency in the management of waste, waste and biomass.

The economic sectors that will be related to the material problems above include the environment, urban hygiene and sanitation, the generation of renewable energy and the agricultural and agribusiness sectors in developing bioindustry.

Biodigeter, biogas generation technique in an airtight digestion reactor with the help of microbes as an activator for methane generation, has proven effective in resolving easily degradable and perishable materials. In this group include domestic waste such as food waste (garbage), waste and fresh biomass in the city, garden weeds, weed waters, agricultural product processing residues and crops from agriculture, plantations, fisheries, livestock and forestry.

In this online catalog various choices of scale, level and configuration of biodigester include the heat generating biodigeter of the stove, the biomass and bioelectric power plant biogas reactor.

Piroliser, a tool for the running of a chemical thermo technique that converts solid matter into gas through the chemical decomposition process of organic matter by heating without or little oxygen or other reagents, where the raw material will experience the breakdown of the chemical structure into the gas phase

The choice of tools presented is still limited to the decomposition of plastic into fuel oil

Composter, a tool in the decomposition process assisted by microbes that break down plant matter, water and the presence of oxygen (aeration) that is appropriate to regularly convert organic matter into solid liquid and compost.

In this category there are various choices of individual scale composters, various communal and commercial scale compost machine packages and integrated configuration of biodigester with composter into waste management, waste and biomass management to produce fuel and energy independent waste processing facilities (TPST).

Gasifier, a tool that carries out a gasification process, is a process that converts organic or fossil fuel based carbon material into carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen (H2) and carbon dioxide (CO2). This is achieved by reacting the material at high temperatures (> 700 ° C), without combustion, with a controlled amount of oxygen and / or steam.

Gasification techniques are introduced from a scale of 100 kg / hour to 1500 kg / hour.

Various BiophoskkoGas configurations can be selected based on conversion goals and planned target volumes.

For the running of the Biophos_kkoGas method, various supporting machines are available. Material size reduction is an important step for the fermentation, decomposition, gasification and pyrolysis process. In this category there is a choice of the capacity of an organic counter machine, a plastic counter and an oil palm frond counter as well as a sieving machine, waste and biomass filtering and filtering.

The use of biogas as a source of heat energy, electrical energy and driving is given a choice of various heat generators, agricultural mechanization tools and biomass power plants. Likewise in the interest of biogas distribution, a selection of biogas purification techniques and compression into a pressurized tube is presented.

Judging from the importance of optimally utilizing biological resources in order to build agricultural bio-industries, in addition to the energy generating machinery (biogas), mechanization and production of compost fertilizer above, a selection of animal feed machinery (silage), flexible formula tablets based on plants and packages is also presented. organic fertilizer production machines.

In the interests of supporting the urban sanitation program, waste management and environmental preservation, in addition to the above composter and enumerator machines, various choices of garden equipment and landscaping, various designs of disaggregated bins and biopore drill and drainage equipment are also offered.

Technology support for a better environment for human life through the use of waste, waste and biomass into renewable energy, living media of organic plants and bio-industrial agriculture will eventually lead to the provision of healthy food to improve (*)

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